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Anti Wrinkle Injections is a hugely popular non-surgical treatment used all around the world, it is successful in smoothing unwanted wrinkles on the face and neck and can be used to treat excessive sweating. The popularity is also due to the quick treatment time and also the little downtime it creates.

What is Botulinum toxin?

Botulinum toxin is a neurotoxic protein produced by the bacterium clostridium botulinum called botulinum toxin. It is used medically and cosmetically and works by temporarily paralysing the muscles.

Botulinum toxin is used to smooth wrinkles and lines on the face and neck, but It has also played a big part in medical research and has been FDA approved to treat the following medical conditions: Blepharospasm (spasm of the eyelids), Severe muscle spasms in the shoulder and neck, Chronic migraines, excessive sweating and Strabismus (crossing of the eyes).

Areas treated with Botulinum toxin at Mallucci London

  • Forehead
  • In-between eyebrows
  • Around the eyes
  • Neck
  • Armpits, Hands and Feet (for excessive sweating)

Frequently Asked Questions

Who performs Botulinum toxin at Mallucci London?

All treatments are carried out by Mr Mallucci and Mr Branford and consultation and treatment can be arranged in the same appointment

How long is treatment and when will I see results?

You will have a full consultation with the consultant who will discuss all about the treatment and assess you. The actual Botulinum toxin London treatment lasts around 10 minutes but this depends on how many areas you have been recommended. Results will start to appear after 5-7 days and will gradually improve, results will peak at 2 weeks and we offer a complimentary top up within 2 weeks where will invite you back to inject the area again if this is necessary.

How long do results last for?

Depending on age, skin type and severity of the lines, the results will last around 3-4 months after which you may wish to return for another treatment

What age do you have to be?

Mr Mallucci and Mr Branford assess each patient, the treatment is used to treat wrinkles which do not usually start to appear on the skin till early thirties due to declining collagen. It can be used on fine lines as a preventative to avoid them deepening in the future. At Mallucci London we promote skin health so we recommend all our patients to use sunblock and keep skin hydrated throughout the year.

Is it painful and what happens after treatment?

Botulinum toxin treatment is not painful but can cause a little discomfort when injected but this lasts seconds. There can be a little soreness straight after but this subsides quickly, the area may be a little pink depending on the individual, however, the patient is able to put makeup on after if desired. A few days after the procedure the patient may feel a little pressure, this doesn’t last long and the patient can resume daily activities straight away but just no exercise 24 hours after.

If you are having Botulinum toxin London for a special occasion, event or holiday, it is recommended to have it at least 2 weeks before to allow results to reach its fullest potential.

Who is not suitable for Botulinum toxin and is it safe?

If you have any of the following you are not a suitable candidate:

  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Are allergic to any of the ingredients
  • You have a neuromuscular disorder

Botulinum toxin treatment is actually very safe and at consultation, your consultant will explain to you in detail all limitations and possible complications

Will I look unnatural?

One of the reasons Botulinum toxin London is so popular is due to the subtle but effective impact it can have on your skin, treatment performed accurately allows the patient to still frown and smile as they normally would but creates a smoother, fresher and more relaxed appearance.

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