4 Reasons Regular HydraFacials Are a Must

They look like a luxury, they feel like a luxury and, yes, the results are luxurious. However, the benefits of regular HydraFacials go beyond being a pampering treat for stressed-out skin. There’s a reason one of these facials is carried out every 15 seconds, and it’s because the deep-cleansing, pore-purifying benefits have the power to transform the health of your skin.

Anyone who’s booked in for a HydraFacial at Mallucci London will know this already. We help you track your results with a VISIA Skin Analysis, so you can see the effect your treatments have on your skin over time. It’s not just surface level; the ‘skin X-ray’ reveals it tackles pore problems deep down, so your complexion doesn’t just look better, but functions more effectively too.

But how do you maintain these effects? The trick is making HydraFacials part of your skincare routine, just like your daily pump of serum (although you don’t need to book in daily!). Here, we reveal how often you should have a HydraFacial, and the benefits you’ll enjoy by booking in regularly – from detoxified pores to diminished fine lines…

PSA: Not sure what this wonder treatment is? Read our ‘What is a HydraFacial?’ guide.

How often should you get a HydraFacial?

To achieve optimal results and make the HydraFacial part of your healthy skin routine, we usually recommend booking in every 4-6 weeks. This is key for maintaining clear, calm, radiant skin all year round. Talk to your Mallucci London practitioner about booking your HydraFacials in ‘batches’, as you can buy a package of 10 facials to unlock an exclusive discount.

How many HydraFacials do you need to see results?

You’ll see results from your very first facial. Skin will glow, while feeling smooth, cleansed and refreshed, providing the perfect canvas for flawless makeup application. Plus, the results are cumulative, meaning the more HydraFacials you book in for, the more skin health will improve over time. Whether you’re dealing with breakouts, dullness, dark spots or fine lines, your practitioner can tailor your course of treatments to achieve the results you crave.

What are the benefits of regular HydraFacials?

1. Clearer, calmer, detoxified pores

While the purifying powers of a HydraFacial are second to none, the results aren’t permanent. Over time, pollutants and general grime will find their way back into your pores. This is especially true for embattled city skin in areas like London, meaning repeat appointments are necessary to give your skin a professional clean. The deep exfoliation and extractions involved in a HydraFacial will reach the debris your daily cleanser just can’t get to, resulting in a clearer and fresher complexion over time. The treatment also whisks away any clogging, dulling dead skin cells, so your at-home acne-fighting products can be more easily absorbed.

2. Debloating and depuffing for contoured cheekbones

Have you heard about the benefits of a lymphatic drainage massage? In short, it kicks your lymphatic system into gear, so your body is able to drain out waste and toxins more effectively. These toxins are responsible for puffiness and bloating – not just in your body, but in your face as well – which is why lymphatic drainage is a key cornerstone of HydraFacials. However, to keep your system in optimal condition, this manual massage should be performed regularly. Otherwise, puffiness can quickly reappear along your jawline and cheekbones. Regular HydraFacials keep bloating at bay, so your skin appears firmer and more defined, and your lymphatic system gets the extra helping hand it often needs.

3. Beautifully moisturised skin that lasts

Anyone with dry or dehydrated skin will know how difficult it is to maintain moisture. Sheet masks, rich creams, and vitamin-packed serums offer some reprieve for parched pores, but it never takes long for that dry, tight sensation to creep back in again. However, because the HydraFacial harnesses a supercharged device to push moisture deep down into the dermis, the moisturising effect lasts longer (and the luminosity is divine). Plus, just as the removal of dead skin cells reveals a brighter look, it also allows your skincare ritual to deliver boosted benefits. Your at-home serums, lotions and creams are all better absorbed, meaning you get more mileage out of your favourite formulas.

4. A youth-boosting reduction in dullness and fine lines

Have you ever noticed how, post-HydraFacial, fine lines appear reduced? This is because the boost of nutrients and hydration helps to plump up dehydrated, crepey skin. In the weeks following your facial, you may notice fine lines start to creep back in, but if you book in regularly, you can keep them plumped from one appointment to the next. The regular removal of dead skin cells will also have a youth-boosting effect, as your newly smooth skin is able to reflect the light better, lending dewy radiance.

Ready to start your HydraFacial skin journey? Get in touch to book your treatment today, and make sure you ask us about our package of 10 facials to unlock an exclusive discount.

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