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The “Mallucci Renew” package is the ultimate combination treatment for sun damaged skin and lacklustre skin. Mallucci Renew combines laser rejuvenation and regeneration treatment specifically to target damaged, pigmented and dehydrated skin. This treatment is perfect for removing the dulling and ageing effects of sun exposure, whilst stimulating healthy new cell growth. Mallucci Renew will leave your skin refreshed and hydrated with a more youthful appearance.

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Sun Damaged Skin Mallucci London

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30-60 mins






Hydrated youthful appearance


Discussed during consultation


The cost is for an 8 week course of your combination treatments, making it more cost efficient than booking individual treatments.

The skin has been ablated with a Fractional laser which can give a little instant inflammation and redness, but we do use cooing air during and after the treatment to help the skin calm down. Everyone reacts differently. The skin the next day will likely have some inflammation but it’s very minimal to mild. The skin post treatment after a few day becomes quite dry but then starts to look better as the skin is repairing itself and healing, therefore the skin improves as the weeks go on leaving a fresh, youthful appearance helping reverse the signs of sun damaged skin.

Typically, the skin will take one hour to calm down, but the skin can have mineral makeup to cover.

The treatment is using three different types of laser applicators that target the skin on different levels to reverse sun damaged skin, therefore the skin is getting a boost from different levels to help the skin texture, tone, and depth. The skin will have some redness, but the skin will be a lot calmer by the time we finish the treatment. When the skin has been targeted at this degree the impact of the treatment will be more beneficial to the actual concerns of assessment. The Hyperpigmentation will be targeted, so the skin is brighter and more even in skin tone. The skin texture will be smoother from any scarring. As the texture will be smoother, the skin tissue will have positive effects from all three technologies that will increase the overall complexion on every level. The results of this treatment are long term as the skin has complete rejuvenation that will address all concerns of skin imperfections, sun damaged skin, plus post summer skin.

This is a really good procedure to target the skin on all levels as this is very rejuvenating, and can be done 2/3 times per year. This will be a complete rejuvenation as the results last, so to have maintenance treatments will help sustain the results.

You can absolutely have maintenance treatments such as the Hydra Health of skin Facial as this will help the skin hydration and keep the skin nourished for the Renew facial. The skin needs a boost to help clarify and keep skin nourished always, so there is no risk of doing damage to the skin.

Prices from £1500

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Jonquille is a delightful lady. Very patient focused and very experienced. My experience of Fillers and Anti Wrinkle Injections at Mallucci London has been nothing short of fantastic.

PM, London – Fillers and Wrinkle Injections

I went to Mallucci London for CoolSculpting and have seen significant fat reduction – I couldn’t be happier!!

TJ – CoolSculpting

Mallucci London’s specialists listened to my concern and there wasn’t any form of pressure throughout the whole process. They were was realistic about what can be achieved with hair transplant, and I definitely felt in safe hands. It has been pleasure to meet the team, they definitely stand to their well-deserved incomparable reputation.

A, London – Hair Transplant

Having had dermal fillers before at other clinics, I can honestly say the team and results at Mallucci London are unsurpassable. I’ll be back!

SO – Dermal Fillers

There are so many places doing laser hair removal. It is rare to find one where the practitioner takes such care with every patient. I would wholeheartedly recommend Kully and Mallucci London.

NM, London – Laser Hair Removal

I have met with Kully several times. I can honestly say she has nothing but the patients welfare in mind. Her experience with CoolSculpting is fantastic.

GM, Cheshire – CoolSculpting

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