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For the ultimate hydration the “Glow to Go” is a signature Mallucci London Exclusive combination treatment. Specifically designed for patients who are looking to achieve a rapid and long-lasting refreshed radiance, the Glow to Go bespoke package provides instant skin plumping and hydrating effects. Our bespoke combination of a deep cleansing Hydrafacial, used in conjunction with skin booster injections packed with ultrapure hyaluronic acid, will leave the skin looking nourished and with an all year-round glow.

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At a Glance


1 hour






Plumper hydrated skin


Min 4 weeks


The cost covers a 4 week course of combination treatments, making it more cost efficient than booking individual treatments

The Hydrafacial will cause some pinkness to the skin temporarily which will subside within the hour, the skin has an immediate instant glow and radiance from the Hydrafacial and Profhilo skin booster treatment

The Hydrafacial treatment helps the skin texture and tone for at least 3 weeks. The effects of the AHA that deep cleanse the skin have a deeper and superficial effect of cleansing the skin along with skin plumping which gives an instant improvement and a combination effect with the Profhilo.

Profhilo helps to stabilise the HA within the skin for a minimum of 28 days, the Profhilo increases the stimulation of the skin tissue which gives tightening and lifting effects on the skin giving you the ultimate Glow to Go.

The skin will have points, but will subside after a few hours. The product itself has healing agent that works within the skin. You can apply mineral makeup straight away to cover the skin if needed. The downtime is only for a few hours and you’ll be on your way to amazing glowing skin.

We do recommend when having a treatment in Clinic, that home-care would enhance your results at home. This will only increase the effects at home as you visually feel the difference in your skin plumping and hydration with using Antioxidents such as Vitamin C and HA Acids that nourish the skin from within.

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