Anti Wrinkle Injections

Smoother, tighter, more youthful skin in 15 minutes? No wonder anti wrinkle injections are one of the most popular aesthetic procedures in the world. A non-invasive treatment with no recovery time; just natural-looking results that last for three to four months.

Mallucci London’s experienced practitioners are here to ensure you achieve your desired look from your treatment. Whether softening deep expression lines, smoothing crow’s feet or preventing future wrinkles from forming, our anti wrinkle injections lift and tighten the complexion for a more youthful appearance.

Two weeks after your initial consultation and treatment, we offer a follow up appointment with a complimentary top up, to make sure you are 100% happy with the results.

Interested in learning more about anti wrinkle injections at Mallucci London? Arrange a consultation by calling us at 0203 915 7400 or by clicking here to fill out our online request form.

Benefits of Anti Wrinkle Injections

Achieve a natural-looking, more youthful complexion with our non-invasive procedure.

Smooths lines and wrinkles
Lifts and tightens the skin
Prevents future lines from forming
Delivers a fresh, more youthful appearance
Controls excess sweating (caused by hyperhidrosis)
Improves migraine symptoms
Quick and non-invasive, with no recovery time

Treatment Areas

Forehead and frown lines
Crow’s feet around the eyes
Platysma bands and sagging skin on the neck
Eyebrow lift
Glabellar lines between brows
Armpits and palms (to target excess sweating)

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Anti-Wrinkle Injections

At a Glance


From 15 minutes




24 - 48 hours


Reduced wrinkles


3 - 4 months


All treatments at the Mallucci London clinic are carried out by our team of highly qualified, experienced doctors and aesthetic practitioners. When you book an appointment with us, your consultation and treatment can be arranged in the same booking, giving you time to discuss your treatment with a professional and agree on a desired look before carrying out the procedure.

Before carrying out the anti wrinkle injections, you will have a full consultation with your practitioner to discuss the procedure and assess the treatment areas. After that, performing the anti wrinkle injections will take around 10-15 minutes per area.

Results will start to appear after five to seven days, and will gradually continue to improve for two weeks, when results tend to peak. After two weeks, we offer a follow up consultation with a Mallucci London practitioner to assess the results, plus a complimentary top up if needed on any particular areas to make sure you are 100% happy with the results.

Depending on age, skin type and severity of the lines, the results of anti wrinkle injections will last around three to four months, after which you may wish to return for another treatment.

The legal age for those wishing to have anti wrinkle injections in the UK is 18+, however, the treatment is most commonly used to smooth wrinkles that start to appear on most patients in their early 30s. This is due to a decline in collagen production, which causes skin to lose its natural elasticity, leading to sagging and wrinkles over time. Anti wrinkle injections are also used as a preventative measure to avoid lines from forming.

Our highly qualified doctors will assess each patient and their individual needs before performing any treatment. At Mallucci London, we promote skin health above all else, and recommend all patients use SPF daily to protect skin and prevent sun damage, which often leads to signs of premature ageing.

Anti wrinkle injections are not painful, but may cause a little discomfort. The treatment is very quick, and each injection only lasts a few seconds at a time. Once the skin has been injected, the area may feel a little sore and look slightly pink, but this usually fades quickly.

A few days after the treatment, patients may feel a small amount of pressure in the area that has been injected. It’s nothing to worry about, and shouldn’t last more than a few days.

There is no recovery time with anti wrinkle injections, but we do recommend patients don’t exercise for 24 hours afterwards. This gets the blood flow pumping through the body and could cause the formula from the injections to move around the face (away from where it was originally injected during treatment).

We recommend booking your appointment at least two weeks before the event, to allow results from your anti wrinkle injections to reach their full potential. This also allows time for a complimentary top up if needed.

Anti wrinkle injections are a very common and safe aesthetic procedure. During your consultation, your Mallucci London practitioner will explain any limitations and possible complications in more detail, as well as aftercare tailored to you and your skin.

We do not recommend or perform treatment on patients who are:
Pregnant or breastfeeding
Allergic to any ingredients in the anti wrinkle injections
Affected by neuromuscular disorder

Anti wrinkle injections are subtle but effective. When treatment is performed accurately, it allows the patient to frown and smile as usual, but overall creates a smoother, fresher and more relaxed appearance to the face.

Before & Afters

Before & Afters

Prices from £295

Treatment Videos

Treatment Videos

Associated Conditions

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