Discover body contouring like never before with the innovative BodyTite procedure. This highly effective treatment fuses radiotherapy with fat reduction for supercharged effects. Perfect for slimming, sculpting and treating skin laxity, it gives you a non-surgical route to a more streamlined body shape.

The treatment starts with a small entry point at the target area, through which your Mallucci London doctor inserts the small InMode device. This clever device warms the fatty tissue to destroy and remove fat cells. Meanwhile, the radiofrequency waves encourage the surrounding fibres to contract, reducing the appearance of excess skin.

Treatment areas

Any areas of the body can be treated with BodyTite. We treat thighs, abs, arms, buttocks, and anywhere else you want to reduce fat.

Looking to sculpt your face? We also offer the FaceTite procedure.

What to expect from BodyTite body contouring

BodyTite is a semi-invasive treatment that starts with a local anesthesia or light sedation, before a small entry point is made for the device to be inserted. You don’t go through surgery or any lengthy downtime, meaning you’re able to get up and go once your procedure is done. Skin will appear smoother and tighter immediately.

At a Glance






3-7 days


Instant and improve over time


3-5 years


Before the BodyTite procedure, you will come in for a consultation to ensure you are a suitable candidate for treatment. Do not book in if you are taking blood thinners, pregnant or undergoing a course of Roaccutane.

Contoured effects are instantly noticeable and continue to improve for up to one year, with optimal results appearing after three to five months.

Although you can carry on your routine as normal after your BodyTite procedure, you may have to wear a compression garment and experience some swelling for up to seven days post-treatment. You may also see a small amount of bruising and feel some tenderness. This will calm down within the first two weeks.

Avoid strenuous exercise for one week after coming in for BodyTite, and aim to wear loose garments until swelling has calmed down, so you’re not rubbing the skin. Use gentle, fragrance-free shower gels and body creams over this period too.

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