Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Discover the detoxifying powers of Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage; a hard-working treatment that’s designed to break down fat, smooth cellulite, and relieve stress.

Using firm pressure and skillful techniques, your practitioner will stimulate the flow of lymph fluid, so waste and toxins can be effectively eliminated from your body. This practice is believed to unlock a host of health benefits for your body and mind, making it one of the most effective massage treatments around.

The benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Massage include:

A lighter, more energised feeling – especially if you suffer with heavy legs;
Over time, a breakdown of fat cells and cellulite;
A reduction in bloating and puffiness from top to toe;
Skin that’s smoother and positively glows with health;
Deep relaxation by targeting areas of tension;
Smoothing of skin after procedures (such as liposuction and body contouring treatments).

At Mallucci London, we offer a full-body Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage, which targets your belly, legs, arms, buttocks and decolletage. To ease jaw tension and facial puffiness, you can also book in for a face massage. Book now or get in touch if you’d like to find out more.

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1 hour






Instant and improve over time


Natural and long lasting results


Anyone and everyone who hopes to achieve the benefits above. It’s especially useful for those who feel their body holds onto excess water for a long time, and anyone who wants to ease bloating and lose weight faster.

To see the best results, we recommend booking in for a massage once per week for five to ten weeks. After that, you can continue coming weekly or simply visit when you feel your lymphatic system may need a boost.

There may be light pinching as your practitioner targets fat cells and cellulite, and the firm pressure can be likened to that of a sports massage. This may cause some discomfort, but it’s temporary and the results are worth it.

Your appointment will take one hour, with your massage making up around 55 minutes of that time.

Most will find they can book in for MLD immediately after liposuction or other body treatments, such as CoolSculpting and EMSculpt Neo. However, we recommend you discuss with your surgeon or practitioner first, as some areas of the body may need recovery time first.

Yes, Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage is safe if you are pregnant. It can even help with heavy, tired legs and puffiness, and may also have a relaxing effect on your body. However, you should tell your practitioner if you are expecting, so they can adjust their technique for maximum benefit to you.

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