EMSculpt for Men

A treatment that works to deliver two results at the same time, EMSculpt can not only work to burn fat, but it also builds muscle.

Targeting the stomach and buttocks, EMSculpt melts away stubborn areas of fat and delivers stronger muscle tone for a more desirably defined abdomen and a firmer posterior.

Achieving strongly defined abs for the desired ‘six pack’ takes time and dedication in the gym, alongside a carefully thought out eating plan. And whilst a healthy lifestyle is important EMSculpt will help to take your hard work to the next level, as powerful contractions are sent to the chosen area by way of electro-magnetic technology. The EMSculpt machine delivers the equivalent to 20,000 sit-ups and 20,000 squats, increasing the strength in the muscles and triggering increased energy demand to stimulate growth and reproduction of muscle tissue.

Unachievable by gym sessions alone, EMSculpt offers the same results as a high intensity workout, and then some! With EMSculpt you can lay your way to a more desirable sculpted physique.

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A trim, toned body profile




This treatment is suitable for men who want to give a boost to their existing exercise programme and achieve enhanced fitness results. This treatment is not intended to replace a healthy lifestyle, but to offer a helping hand in acquiring maximum definition.

This treatment is considered to be very safe, FDA approved with more than 7 peer reviews – EMSculpt is one of the leading innovations in the safe treatment of excess / pinchable fat.

This treatment does not cause any pain, but due to the intensity of the ‘workout’ the muscles may slightly ache or feel fatigued for a few days after the procedure.

Apart from achy muscles, this treatment does not produce any adverse side effects.

There is no downtime associated with EMSculpt. You may experience some aching and muscular tenderness, but this should not interfere with normal daily activities.

Following a course of EMSculpt treatments, you can expect to see improvement in muscular definition and a reduction in pinchable fat aiding a better defined, more sculpted appearance. Results will depend on lifestyle and any ongoing exercise & dietary commitments.

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