The Hydra Bar

Are you a self-confessed facialholic? Join the club. That freshly cleansed, massaged and masked feeling can become addictive – especially when you see the results that regular facials provide. That’s why, at Mallucci London, we’re upgrading our most popular skin treatment – the Hydrafacial – with a pick ‘n’ mix selection of intensive add-ons. Introducing the Hydra Bar…

But, first, what is a Hydrafacial? Put simply, it’s a six-phase facial that works for everyone, eradicating signs of fatigue, upping radiance and effectively targeting fine lines. The stages include lymphatic drainage, thorough exfoliation, a gentle peel, meticulous extractions, deep hydration and an LED light session to stimulate collagen.

What you might not know is that, after a Hydrafacial – when those dead skin cells have been skilfully whisked away – your pores are at their most absorbent, making follow-up treatments all the more effective. That’s where your Hydra Bar booster comes in. There are five to choose from, ranging from glow-enhancing to jawline-sculpting, and they’re each carried out at the end of your Hydrafacial appointment.

You don’t have to choose your Hydra Bar add-on before booking your Hydrafacial. Instead, your Mallucci London practitioner will run a VISIA skin analysis at the start of your appointment, then suggest a treatment that’s tailored to you. So, if they spot congestion, they might suggest Hydra + Oxygen with a dose of salicylic acid, or to temper parched pores, a Hydra + Boost Profhilo injection could be prescribed.

Want to know more? Keep scrolling to discover all five Hydra Bar add-ons and their benefits. The cult-classic Hydrafacial has never been more bespoke.

Hydra + Lift

Choose: Hydra + Lift

For long-lasting contour

Harnessing the firming, contouring power of radiofrequency, the Hydra + Lift add-on was virtually made for party prep. In just 20 minutes, it lifts and defines the jawline using an oscillating device, which stimulates collagen fibres to give you instantly contoured results.

Plus, there’s no pain or downtime involved – just a gentle warming sensation, which feels a little like a soothing hot stone massage for your facial contours. And, because you can see the effects right away, you can head straight from Mallucci London to your big event – a must for brides who want a pre-wedding pick-me-up.

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Choose: Hydra + Glow

For an unrivalled glow

Who doesn’t want glowing skin? A Hydrafacial lends instant radiance, but the Glow add-on takes that luminosity to another level. Your post-Hydra skin will drink in a supercharged dose of vitamin C, which is applied in the form of a brightening mask for 15 minutes.

For the uninitiated, vitamin C is the ultimate glow-getter; an antioxidant that protects city skin from dulling pollutants and improves clarity. Post-summer skin is notoriously drab, but bathing pores in this glow-boosting blend will make you look instantly fresher – the perfect antidote to living in the capital.

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Hydra + Glow
Hydra + Boost

Choose: Hydra + Boost

For plumped-up dewiness

Say goodbye to fine, crepey lines and parched skin with Profhilo; a non-invasive injectable that delivers the most concentrated dose of hyaluronic acid directly into pores. To be carried out after your Hydrafacial, your Mallucci London practitioner will tailor the placement to you, depending on where you want a little extra plumping and hydration.

Unlike fillers, Profhilo doesn’t change the structure of your face. Instead, it enhances your natural features, fills out lines, softens wrinkles and stimulates collagen production. Pick this add-on for an endless stream of ‘have you been on holiday?’ compliments. You’ll get two treatments: one after your Hydrafacial, and another four to six weeks later.

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Choose: Hydra + Oxygen

For essential hydration

Fact: an increase in hydration isn’t just for dry complexions. Oily, acne-prone skin can also benefit from a moisture burst, as it can calm overactive sebaceous glands. With that in mind, we’re calling the Oxygen add-on our suits-all-skin-types booster, designed to infuse pores with essential moisture to keep pores soothed, balanced and refreshed.

So, how does it work? The pressurised Oxygen machine drives a cocktail of nourishing ingredients deep into already-absorbent skin for a 30-minute intensive treatment. The blend is bespoke to you, so your practitioner may add salicylic acid to combat a breakout, or antioxidants to defend skin against dulling aggressors.

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Hydra + Oxygen
Hydra +

Choose: Hydra + Fire & Ice

For makeup-free clarity

If rapidly shrinking pores, targeting breakouts and reducing fine lines is your goal, follow up your Hydrafacial with the A list-loved iS Clinical Fire & Ice Facial. It starts with the ‘fire’ mask; a warming blend of sugar cane extract, retinol and niacinamide that makes light work of dissolving dulling dead skin cells.

Then, the ‘ice’ mask is smoothed over skin to soothe and cool, treating pores to a tightening, calming combination of hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, green tea and rosemary extract. Finally, your complexion is bathed in nourishing serums and creams to complement your skin type, resulting in an almost-poreless finish with long-lasting results.

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Hydra Package Options

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