3 Body Treatments That Were *Made* for Winter

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You’ve heard the saying ‘summer bodies are made in the winter’, right? Well, here’s our verdict: all bodies are summer bodies as long as the sun is shining. However, it’s a fact that body sculpting treatments become more popular in winter, for the simple reason that they make some people feel more confident ahead of swimsuit season.

Your Bridal Beauty & Groom Grooming Countdown

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Wedding season is making a comeback for summer ‘21. It seems that the days of cancelling or postponing nuptials may, at last, be coming to an end. For some couples, that might mean fast-tracking plans to waltz down the aisle pronto. For others, a play-it-safe 2022 wedding date could mean there’s time to delve into the finer details.

Skin-Boosting Benefits of
Vitamin C

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There’s a reason Vitamin C was the most searched skincare ingredient on Google last year. When it comes to results, this beauty hero is one of the most versatile saviours out there. Loaded with benefits – from fading acne scars to bolstering skin’s defences – it can be found in serums, moisturisers, masks and supercharged facials. . Consider it skincare’s all-rounder.

Discover the Latest Tech For Sculpted Abs

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When was the last time you blitzed through 24,000 sit-ups in a 30-minute session? Or gritted your teeth through 24,000 thigh-sculpting squats? Don’t be alarmed; these are trick questions. We know it’s physically impossible to reach those reps.

How to Get Rid of Dark Circles

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While an ever-growing raft of concealers is making it easier than ever to disguise tired eyes, dark circles are still the biggest beauty bugbear for 25% of us. That comes above wrinkles, blemishes, dullness, and a whole host of other skincare woes.

Botox For Sweating: Here’s How it Works

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It’s summer’s cruelest catch 22: just as silk shirts, camis and dresses come back in style, a heat wave dashes our sartorial dreams by sending temperatures sky-high. We all know sweat and silk aren’t a match made in heaven, just like sweat and… well, any fabric really.

Jonquille is a delightful lady. Very patient focused and very experienced. My experience of Fillers and Anti Wrinkle Injections at Mallucci London has been nothing short of fantastic.

PM, London – Fillers and Wrinkle Injections

I was recommended laser hair removal which I was a little hesitant about initially as I have sensitive skin. However I have seen a significant difference and feel like I don’t have to worry about my hair anymore. Mallucci London genuinely care about the best interests of their clients. I trust them implicitly!

SD – Laser Hair Removal

I went to Mallucci London for CoolSculpting and have seen significant fat reduction – I couldn’t be happier!!

TJ – CoolSculpting

There are so many places doing laser hair removal. It is rare to find one where the practitioner takes such care with every patient. I would wholeheartedly recommend Kully and Mallucci London.

NM, London – Laser Hair Removal

I have met with Kully several times. I can honestly say she has nothing but the patients welfare in mind. Her experience with CoolSculpting is fantastic.

GM, Cheshire – CoolSculpting

Mallucci London’s specialists listened to my concern and there wasn’t any form of pressure throughout the whole process. They were was realistic about what can be achieved with hair transplant, and I definitely felt in safe hands. It has been pleasure to meet the team, they definitely stand to their well-deserved incomparable reputation.

A, London – Hair Transplant

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