How VISIA Skin Analysis Uncovers Your Biggest Skin Concerns

Looking at the surface of your skin can only tell you so much about what condition it’s in. You might spot blemishes, or a patch of dryness, or an oily t-zone that points to imbalanced pores. But it’s only when you go beneath the surface that you figure out what’s really going on with your complexion. It’s there where you’ll find all the underlying damage that’s standing between you and your biggest skin goals.

But how do you see what’s really going on with your skin? At Mallucci, we use VISIA Skin Analysis; an imaging system that’s a little like an x-ray for your pores. This clever device assesses the health of the skin, from pore size to bacteria levels. And you might just be surprised at what your analysis uncovers…

What does the VISIA Skin Analysis tell me?

With a rotating camera that captures your facial features at every angle, VISIA assesses the health of your skin based on eight key criteria. These are:

  • Spots – including acne breakouts and hyperpigmentation. VISIA not only highlights the spots that can be seen by the naked eye, but it also identifies newer, less visible spots that may progress.
  • Wrinkles – VISIA pinpoints fine lines, furrows, folds and creases in the skin, so you can keep track of your starting point, and see them soften as you target pores with the right skincare and treatments.
  • Texture – even the rough areas you can barely feel. VISIA shows you where texture is deeper, and where it’s less of a problem, so you can start your journey to a smoother complexion.
  • Pores – with a focus on size. In knowing where pores are at their largest, you can begin to understand where skin may be oilier or more prone to blemishes, and treat accordingly.
  • UV spots – because it’s not always seen on the surface. VISIA will show you where you have a build-up of melanin, also known as UV spots, which is caused by UV damage.
  • Brown spots – this is another type of pigmentation and discolouration that occurs on the skin. You may find brown spots both on the surface and just beneath, where they’re waiting to become more visible.
  • Red areas – with an in-depth view of where redness is more concentrated. This can point to inflammation or spider veins; two common causes we can address with the right laser treatment.
  • Porphyrins – also known as bacteria. While the naked eye can’t see where blemish-causing grime is blocking pores, VISIA tracks down the build-up, so your facials and treatments can be tailored to target the right areas.

When does the analysis take place?

We invite you to have a VISIA Skin Analysis as part of your consultation for a range of treatments, including the HydraFacial, all of the Sciton lasers and Morpheus8. Your skin will be analysed before your course of treatments begins, so you can keep track of your complexion’s journey from the very beginning. All you have to do is stand in front of the image capture module, and it will rotate as it analyses your skin. We’ll then give you your images – one for each of the eight criteria – along with ‘scores’ you can track from appointment to appointment. From there, we recommend follow-up VISIA sessions every three months; long enough for total skin rejuvenation to take place and results to be visible.

Why is it important to have this in-depth analysis?

There are two key reasons why we recommend a VISIA Skin Analysis. First up, it’s about identifying and understanding the triggers behind your biggest skin concerns. If you’re struggling with acne, your images may show that enlarged pore size or a build-up of bacteria are behind it. Or, if you’re dealing with stubborn dullness, your images might unveil a high level of beneath-the-surface UV spots.

Then, we can then make sure both your skincare regimen and your course of treatments are targeted to balance your complexion. There’s no guesswork and no misleading ‘before and afters’ – you’ll have trusted data to guide your skin journey. Plus, instead of simply treating symptoms, you’ll be tackling the underlying causes of problem skin. The result? The most bespoke treatment plan with longer-term benefits.

So, how do I book my first VISIA session?

With treatments such as Morpheus8, Sofwave, Sciton lasers and the HydraFacial, we’ll make the VISIA Skin Analysis part of your initial consultation. We’ll then use your results to help improve and elevate your skincare regimen, recommending products that treat and prevent any problem areas. We may even point you in the direction of a different in-clinic treatment; one that’s better suited to both your skin’s current condition and your future goals. At Mallucci, we don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’. Every complexion deserves bespoke care, and the VISIA Skin Analysis lets us enhance your skin journey at every stage.

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