Which Sciton Laser is Right for You? Here’s How to Choose

Ever since the Sciton skin lasers arrived at Mallucci, we’ve been amazed by the skin-tightening, glow-boosting results they deliver. From BBL to MOXI to HALO, each one is a pore-perfecting powerhouse that transforms skin in one session. But what makes them different? And how do we help you choose your laser? Our Aesthetician, Elena Maxim, is here with the full lowdown…

To treat acne, redness, rosacea and uneven skin tone: BBL

How do I know if it’s right for me?

“BBL (or Broadband Light Laser) is a corrective treatment, and the perfect candidate is anyone and everyone who wants to target irregularities on the skin, such as redness, rosacea, acne and sun spots. This is one of the most powerful devices in the aesthetics industry, and it works by brightening the skin, as well as triggering the production of elastin and collagen deep within the skin to give you that glowy, plumping effect.”

How many sessions will I need?

“The number of sessions we recommend depends on what exactly you want to treat, and we will always recommend a bespoke course of treatments that works perfectly for you. For example, if you’re targeting acne, we may suggest you need three to six sessions to achieve clearer-looking skin. As a minimum, we recommend booking at least three treatments two weeks apart to get the best results.”

When will I see results?

“Again, this all depends on what you’re targeting with BBL. If it’s sun damage and dark spots, keep in mind that the spots will go quite dark at first, but then they will fall off after around five days to give you a more even skin tone and clearer complexion. If you’re treating redness, your skin will look pinker for the first 24 hours before you start to notice a calming effect. And if you’re treating acne, we’ll usually combine BBL with other treatments, including LED light therapy or Obaji peels. This means the results can take a little longer to appear – usually around one week

“But the radiance you get is almost instant. Straight away, your skin may look brighter and more even with a noticeable tightening effect. So, if it’s dull skin you’re targeting, expect to be glowing from the day you start your treatments.”

What kind of pre- and post-treatment care is needed?

“For BBL – and for all of our lasers – we advise not to expose your skin to the sun or use any fake tan for at least two weeks before your treatment. So no sunbathing! As for post-care, we then recommend you keep avoiding sunbathing for another two to four weeks. That means, if you’re booking in for a laser ahead of a holiday, you should make sure you allow a gap between your last session and your trip.”

To brighten, minimise pores and clarify all skin types: MOXI

How do I know if it’s right for me?

“MOXI is great for correcting visible signs of ageing, as it helps to improve your skin texture and reduce any fine lines and wrinkles. It’s one of the gentler Sciton lasers, but it’s still extremely effective, so it means even patients with sensitive skin can come in for treatment. Unlike many other lasers, it’s also suitable for all skin types and skin tones.

“One of the things our patients talk about the most with MOXI is the instant glow it gives. It makes your pores appear smaller and gives the skin a really beautiful, radiant effect, even after just one session.”

How many sessions will I need?

“Usually, we recommend a course of three to six sessions, but it all depends on your skin concerns and what you are looking to achieve. If you are treating dull skin, very superficial fine lines, enlarged pores or superficial sun damage, usually three treatments will be enough. .”

When will I see results?

“Straight after your MOXI treatment, your skin is going to feel warm for around 15-20 minutes, and it may even look a little pink or red for up to 48 hours. It’s also going to feel dry for about five to seven days, but once that first week is over, you’ll see the brightening, tightening results coming through. The more sessions you have, the better the results will be.”

What kind of pre- and post-treatment care is needed?

“Again, make sure you’re not sunbathing or using fake tan for two weeks before your treatment, and that you’re also avoiding sun exposure for two to four weeks afterwards. When your skin is in its dry period for the first five to seven days, it’s also important you skip any exfoliants or harsh skincare products, and use a fragrance-free moisturiser to keep skin hydrated.”

To soften deep wrinkles, improve skin elasticity and brighten sun spots: HALO

How do I know if it’s right for me?

“HALO is the next step up from MOXI. It’s a powerful laser that we may recommend if you’re hoping to target deeper wrinkles or brighten darker sun spots. Because it boosts collagen and elastin, it’s also great for skin tightening and minimising acne scars. So, if you have a loss of firmness or you’re prone to breakouts, it might be your perfect laser. Plus, you can use it to treat almost any area of the body (including neck, abs, arms and legs), and almost all skin tones. By the end of your first session, skin will appear super glowy and smooth, and pores will be minimised.”

How many sessions will I need?

“Because HALO is so powerful, you may be recommended a shorter course of treatments. We usually recommend just one or two to reach your desired results.”

When will I see results?

“As with MOXI, skin may look and feel dry and tight at first. The regenerating powers of the treatment mean this may last for seven to 10 days before the dry skin goes away. But after that, you’ll have a really fresh, ‘just had a facial’ glow, and the other benefits of your treatment will be visible. Fine lines and wrinkles will be softer, dark spots will be minimised, and skin will look more even in tone.”

What kind of pre- and post-treatment care is needed?

“Your skin is going to look pink and feel dry and tight immediately after treatment, so make sure you’re only using the gentlest skincare for the first seven to 10 days. That means mild cleansers, fragrance-free moisturisers, and no exfoliants. If you can wear less or no makeup, this will also help. Essentially, you want to do as little to the treated area as possible. Again, we also recommend you avoid fake tan and sunbathing for two weeks before treatment, and keep out of the sun as much as possible for two to four weeks afterwards.”

Select your Sciton

Would you like to learn more about the Sciton lasers, and how they can help you reach your skin goals? Book in for a consultation at Mallucci, and our experts will match you to your perfect course of treatments. All you have to do is call us on 0203 915 7400 or click here to fill out our online request form.

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