Tighter Skin is Yours With *This* Face-Firming Duo

It’s no secret that our skin loses elasticity over time. All the proteins that keep it strong and healthy – namely collagen and elastin – start to break down, resulting in lines, wrinkles and sagging. It’s no bad thing; the ageing process is both beautiful and a privilege. But for those who wish to firm up and tighten their facial features, there is an answer. Here’s what you need to know…

Let’s take a closer look at collagen and elastin

What exactly are collagen and elastin? These vital proteins are naturally found within your skin, and they each enhance the health of your complexion in different ways. Elastin is what gives your skin its stretchiness, allowing it to bounce back into shape. It’s ultra flexible, and keeps your features resilient in the face of daily wear and tear. Meanwhile, collagen is less flexible and more structural. It ‘holds up’, supports and strengthens your skin cells to prevent sagging, so your complexion appears plump, firm and youthful. When production of these proteins dials down, that’s when fine lines and wrinkles can become more prominent – which is why you’ll find a raft of skincare promising to top your collagen levels back up.

But tighter skin requires more than just a good face cream. To get your pores producing optimal levels of collagen and elastin again, it takes intensive treatments that trigger action deep within the skin’s lower layers. And, until recently, these treatments were both hard to come by and weren’t always targeted enough to work. Now, technology has advanced to not just firm your skin, but remodel it too – no surgery required.

So, what treatments will give me tighter skin?

We offer a range of skin-tightening treatments at Mallucci, but today we’re focusing on two in particular: Sofwave™ and NuEra. They’re both non-surgical treatments, with Sofwave™ relying on ultrasound technology, and NuEra harnessing radiofrequency. To help you get the best out of your complexion and achieve the tighter skin you’re hoping for, we asked our Senior Aesthetic Practitioner Kerry Herbert to give the full lowdown on both procedures – and why they work so well together. This is what she had to say…

First, what are Sofwave™ and NuEra?

“Sofwave™ and Nuera are both non-surgical skin tightening treatments. They’re similar in some ways, but also quite different in how they work on the skin and the concerns they address. By that, I mean you would use a different treatment based on how ‘severe’ your skin laxity is. If you want a really intensive treatment, you’d choose Sofwave™, but if you were just experiencing the first signs of lines and wrinkles, or you wanted to maintain your Sofwave™ results, then NuEra would be a good choice.

“Each of the treatments can help you achieve firmer skin for the whole face, and even the body too, with many of our patients wanting to tighten the jawline, lift the eyebrows, sculpt the cheekbones, and just really rejuvenate their skin.”

You say Sofwave™ is the more intensive treatment. How does it work?

“Sofwave™ uses the newest type of ultrasound technology, which sends soundwaves into your skin to stimulate collagen and elastin, and coagulate the tissue deep within. Many skin-tightening treatments rely on heat to achieve this, and they typically warm up the tissue to around 40 degrees celsius. However, Sofwave™ goes further, reaching 60-70 degrees for more visible results. Because it can target the skin with such a high temperature, it doesn’t just stimulate collagen, but it’s also able to remodel it to get best tightening results.”

Is this higher heat painful?

“At Mallucci, we apply a numbing cream before your treatment begins, so no, it’s not painful. Usually you’ll feel a warming sensation and perhaps some minor discomfort.”

When will I see results from Sofwave™?

“Once the production of collagen is stimulated, it can take around three to six months to get to the surface of skin. This is when you’ll see the best results from your treatment. What’s great is that all that plumping and tightening is long-lasting, so it may be another year or more before you’ll want to do another Sofwave™ session.”

And what does NuEra do?

“Like Sofwave™, NuEra also heats the skin tissue, but it uses electromagnetic technology to do so. You’ll feel a build-up of heat with this that’s less intensive, working up to a temperature of 40-42 degrees celsius. We usually recommend it to patients who are seeing the first signs of skin laxity, wrinkles and fine lines, but it’s also useful for enhancing and maintaining the results of Sofwave™. It’s not going to last as long, but it’s going to give you quick plumping with no downtime, so it’s perfect for a special event.”

What areas does NuEra treat?

“NuEra can target any areas you want to tighten, just as Sofwave™ can. So you can use it to lift the jawline, cheekbones, neck, forehead, brows or under-eye area, as well as parts of the body. It can even be used to tighten the skin in areas where you might have cellulite.”

How many NuEra treatments would I need to book in for?

“If you’re just doing NuEra on its own, we recommend you start with four sessions once every two weeks to get started. From there, you can come in for top-ups whenever you feel you need to; it all depends on your skin type and the results you want. Alternatively, you can begin your journey to tighter skin with Sofwave™ for the most intensive results, then use NuEra as an ‘enhancer’ as and when needed.”

Why and how would I combine Sofwave™ and NuEra treatments?

“Think of your skin as architecture. Sofwave™ would be the foundation; the sturdy base where all the groundwork has been put in to supercharge your collagen and elastin production. Then NuEra builds upon that, it not only enhances the results of Sofwave™, but if you time your sessions just right – and your Mallucci expert can help you here – you may also speed up the results.

“In short: Sofwave™ remodels and NuEra tightens, so you get the best from both skin-firming treatments. They work amazingly well together, boosting one another’s effects for unrivalled skin plumping.”

I’m ready to try it. How do I start my journey to tighter skin?

“You can call us on 0203 915 7400 or fill out our online request form to get started. We’ll book you in for a free consultation to map out your bespoke skin journey, perfectly tailored to your skin goals.”

Up next: Interested in learning more about skin firming? Discover the biggest Sofwave benefits you need to know.

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