6 Sofwave™ Benefits

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Since it first arrived in our Mayfair clinic, the results of Sofwave™ have left our team in awe. The skin-tightening treatment offers multiple benefits, and its FDA-approved list of uses just keeps on growing.

So, how are we using it at Mallucci? Below, we reveal the Sofwave™ benefits you need to know, so you can book in for your own skin-tightening session and see the game-changing results for yourself…

What are the benefits of Sofwave™?

1. Eyebrow lifting

It’s not just under the eyes that Sofwave™ gives visible results. Focused above the eyes, the rejuvenating light treatment has an eyebrow lifting effect. By tightening the skin in this area and reducing sagging along the brow bone, eyes can appear more open and awake; an enhancement that subtly transforms your whole look. Prepare for an influx of ‘you look well’ compliments if you use Sofwave™ in this way. No needles needed; it’s your non-invasive route to an eyebrow lift.

2. Contour sculpting

Over time, we lose natural volume in the cheekbones and jawline, which largely comes down to our skin’s reduced levels of collagen and elastin. These fibrous tissues deplete as we age. But, because Sofwave™ can accelerate the production of both of these fibres, it can actually help to fill out sagging skin for a lifted and contoured look. So, if sculpting is what you want, talk to your Mallucci practitioner about desired results. They can tailor your Sofwave™ treatment to help encourage natural volume in the cheekbone and jawline areas.

3. Wrinkle smoothing

In the same way Sofwave™ can push up and tighten dimpled skin from within, the supercharged treatment is able to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with a plumping effect. Whether you’re treating marionette lines, laughter lines, frown lines or all-over sagging, your skin will benefit from the wrinkle-reducing rush of collagen that Sofwave™ triggers.

4. No downtime

One of the best parts about Sofwave™ is that, not only do you reap all of the benefits above, but you do so with zero downtime. Simply go about your usual routine when you leave the clinic. Your skin may appear slightly red for up to 30 minutes, but you can work out, wear makeup, and enjoy your day as usual after each session.

5. Under-eye tightening

Not only is the Sofwave™ applicator large enough to target areas of the body – like the thighs, buttocks or abs – but it can also be adapted to treat smaller parts of the face, including the under-eyes. It takes a specialised treatment to be gentle enough for this delicate area, but Sofwave™ is safe for use on crow’s feet and under-eye bags – and the benefits have to be seen to be believed.

By rejuvenating the eyes, the treatment lends a more youthful look, leaving you with a rested appearance (even when you feel anything but). This is courtesy, again, of the boost in collagen production that Sofwave™ provides. Meanwhile, it also triggers enhanced levels of hyaluronic acid, which helps to dial down puffiness. What sleepless nights?

6. Cellulite reduction

Sofwave™ has officially been cleared as a cellulite treatment by the FDA, all thanks to its superior skin-tightening and smoothing benefits. One of the few laser treatments that can be used on areas of the body as well as the face, it targets skin dimpling with what’s known as Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beam (SUPERB) Technology.

What does this mean, exactly? Well, SUPERB Technology has the remarkable ability to send ultrasound energy through layers of skin, where it can heat up the mid-dermal tissue at the precise depth and temperature to rejuvenate collagen fibres. Collagen is like the ‘building blocks’ of your skin; it supports the structure from within. So when you produce more of it, you see a plumping effect that leaves the skin smoother and tighter.

For dimpled skin, the extra collagen acts almost like a filler. It ‘pads out’ the target area so cellulite’s ‘orange peel’ appearance is reduced. For best results, try teaming it with Manual Lymphatic Drainage, which helps you maintain smoother skin by sweeping toxins away and breaking down fatty tissue.

Interested in learning more about Sofwave™ at Mallucci? Arrange a consultation by calling us on 0203 915 7400 or by clicking here to fill out our online request form.

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