ICON Laser Skin Rejuvenation

At Mallucci London we use the advanced Cynosure Icon ™ and Elite + Systems to perform fractional laser and multi-spectrum skin rejuvenation to treat a variety of skin complaints. Offering multiple devices in one machine, provides a comprehensive treatment from hair removal to wrinkle reduction to scar and stretch mark treatment.

The Icon system provides the most popular skin rejuvenation treatments, including:

-Fractional laser skin resurfacing
-Laser wrinkle reduction
-Laser scar and stretch mark treatment
-Sun damage and pigmentation clearance
-Facial thread vein reduction
-Leg vein clearance

This multi-platform system offers high peak powers, state-of-the-art cooling, built-in calibration, and the Skintel® Reader—the only FDA-cleared melanin reader—resulting in safer, quicker treatments with excellent outcomes.

Cooling maintains the temperature at 5 degrees Celsius during treatments for enhanced comfort and skin protection. It also features an enhanced user interface with new treatment tracking technology for more streamlined procedure

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Mallucci London Skin Rejuvenation

At a Glance


30-45 minutes






Expected after 6 weeks


Dependent on use of aftercare products including sun protection


You will see a great improvement after just one treatment, however, depending on your skin concerns you may be required to have a course of 3 or more treatments to give optimum results.

The treatment is not particularly painful thanks to the inbuilt cooling system, however some clients can feel a mild sensation similar to an small elastic band snap which is when the laser light and heat quickly enter the skin. You will have minimal downtime  which usually includes mild erythema and swelling for up to 48 hours but this is easily disguised with mineral makeup.

The cynosure laser system is very safe and fully equipped with technology that will work within the parameters of your skin. The Skintel® melanin skin colour recognition system allows it to emit the correct wavelength of laser light to safely treat your skin concerns.

Following your skin rejuvenation procedure, we will apply an aftercare cream and sun protection to help your skin and then you can re-apply a light mineral makeup.

We will assess your skin and give you all the information to achieve a successful treatment outcome. Our skin experts will recommend the correct cosmeceutical products for your skin to maintain and enhance your treatment results

Prices from £300

Treatment Videos

Treatment Videos

Associated Conditions

acne facial vessel hyperpigmentation facial wrinkles hair reduction leg veins scar stretch marks thread veins

There are so many places doing laser hair removal. It is rare to find one where the practitioner takes such care with every patient. I would wholeheartedly recommend Kully and Mallucci London.

NM, London – Laser Hair Removal

I went to Mallucci London for CoolSculpting and have seen significant fat reduction – I couldn’t be happier!!

TJ – CoolSculpting

I was recommended laser hair removal which I was a little hesitant about initially as I have sensitive skin. However I have seen a significant difference and feel like I don’t have to worry about my hair anymore. Mallucci London genuinely care about the best interests of their clients. I trust them implicitly!

SD – Laser Hair Removal

Mallucci London’s specialists listened to my concern and there wasn’t any form of pressure throughout the whole process. They were was realistic about what can be achieved with hair transplant, and I definitely felt in safe hands. It has been pleasure to meet the team, they definitely stand to their well-deserved incomparable reputation.

A, London – Hair Transplant

Having had dermal fillers before at other clinics, I can honestly say the team and results at Mallucci London are unsurpassable. I’ll be back!

SO – Dermal Fillers

Jonquille is a delightful lady. Very patient focused and very experienced. My experience of Fillers and Anti Wrinkle Injections at Mallucci London has been nothing short of fantastic.

PM, London – Fillers and Wrinkle Injections

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