The Rise of Tweakments + 5 Subtle Treatments

Have you heard of ‘tweakments’ yet? It’s the name beauty experts are using for subtle aesthetics; the treatments that refine and ‘tweak’ your features without transforming how you look.

Designed for those who want to dial back the years in the most natural-looking way possible, tweakments are the ‘no makeup-makeup’ of injectables – and they’re becoming big beauty news.

The goal of tweakments isn’t to change the shape and structure of your face. It’s to trigger an influx of, ‘you look well… have you been away?’ compliments. You’ll know you’ve found the perfect tweakment when you look like you, but fresher, tighter and brighter. Subtlety is key, and at Mallucci London, we’re serving up subtlest tweaks around.

But what counts as a tweakment? Here are five non-invasive, skin-enhancing treatments to try…

1. Profhilo

Think of Profhilo as the ultimate tweakment. It’s known as ‘the injectable moisturiser’ because it floods parched, crepey skin with a hydrating dose of hyaluronic acid. By pushing the moisture under the surface, skin is imbued with a dewy, luminous glow. But, more than that; lines are plumped out, resulting in a smoother, tauter complexion.

One of the (many) reasons Profhilo proves so popular is its subtlety. Unlike a filler, it doesn’t alter face shape, but simply softens fine lines and wrinkles. There’s no freezing of features or sharpening of cheekbones; the finished look is rested and renewed. But don’t think that means you won’t notice a difference. The post-Profhilo glow is undeniable.

2. Dermal Fillers

While facial fillers can be used to dramatically alter your face shape, they’re also effective at micro-optimising your skin – when placed in the right hands. At Mallucci London, they’re carried out by a certified practitioner or plastic surgeon specialised in facial aesthetics, who can fine-tune your dose, ensuring that if it’s a tweakment you want, it’s a tweakment you’ll get.

The trick is to target the right areas with a lower level of filler, whether you’re looking to keep dark circles at bay or ‘flip the tip’ of your lip. Tell your practitioner you want your filler to appear virtually undetectable, and they’ll be able to delicately plump lips, cheeks and even deep wrinkles – all without giving your secret away.

3. AquaGold

You already know that collagen is essential to healthy, glowing skin. It acts as the ‘building blocks’ for your complexion, supporting the structure and keeping it strong. Over time, your natural collagen levels start to slowly deplete. But, with a clever tweakment, like AquaGold, you can trigger a fresh skin-boosting supply.

AquaGold is a style of microneedling. The needles in question are thinner than a human hair, meaning they’re able to puncture the skin without leaving a mark behind. What they do leave is a cocktail of baby botox, hyaluronic acid and vitamins, which permeates the skin to leave it bouncy, lifted and radiant. The bumped-up collagen boost is a bonus.

4. NuEra

Speaking of collagen; if you want to renew it without any needles, consider a radiofrequency treatment to tighten your face (and even your body). We use the NuEra device for this tweakment, gliding the pen over areas where skin feels lax, so that stagnant collagen supply can start supporting your features once more.

And, what follows is a tweak like no other; the kind that defines your cheekbones, sculpts your jawline and firms your complexion, without anything going into your skin. It also feels ultra-relaxing. The device warms up the surface of your complexion, relaxing you in the process. It’s perfect for the needle (and pain)-shy.

5. Vampire Facial

The vampire facial may sound like less of a ‘tweak’ and more of a terror. But, trust us – there’s nothing scary about this texture-smoothing, rejuvenating treatment. Made famous by a photo of Kim Kardashian with blood spattered over her face, it stimulates a healing response in your skin and plumps the surface with your own growth factors.

So, how does it work? Your practitioner starts by drawing a little of your blood, then placing it in a centrifuge to isolate the platelets. These platelets contain growth factors that deliver calming commands to skin cells. You can have them microneedled back into your complexion, or injected with a dose of hyaluronic acid. Not only does this process plump up fatigued skin instantly, but the healing response resets skin function to give you longer-lasting luminosity.

Up next: Is your complexion flagging? Discover how to get perfect skin with five of our favourite post-lockdown treatments.

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