Botox For Sweating: Here’s How it Works

It’s summer’s cruelest catch 22: just as silk shirts, camis and dresses come back in style, a heat wave dashes our sartorial dreams by sending temperatures sky-high. We all know sweat and silk aren’t a match made in heaven, just like sweat and… well, any fabric really. But how might Botox (yes, Botox) help? Here’s what you need to know about Botox for sweating and how it works…

How Botox Keeps Sweat at Bay

Picture the scene: you dash out of the office for lunch, looking and feeling pulled-together, but by the time you make it back to your desk, sweat stains have appeared on your clothes. Even on your most stylish days, sweat will ruin your suit, your dress or your smartest shirt. And it’s not just a fashion bugbear – excess sweating can feel ultra-uncomfortable too.

This isn’t only a summer issue. Hyperhidrosis, which results in year-round excess sweating, is a common condition that affects various parts of the body, from hands and feet to underarms and shoulder blades. The good news is, those who are struggling to manage sweat have an unexpected ally on their side. Botox – usually used as an anti-wrinkle injection – can keep that excess moisture at bay.

It’s not exactly clear how or why Botox is so successful at preventing perspiration, but it’s thought that the injectable may reduce its production by relaxing muscles around the sweat glands. Both men and women have experienced remarkable results from undergoing the treatment, whether they have it injected underneath their arms, in the palms of their hands or on the soles of their feet. It can also be targeted in the top of the forehead, if you’re prone to sweat there. Bonus: an extra sprinkling in this area will also reduce frown lines, so you’ll look more refreshed.

What to Expect When You Book In

First up: expect your appointment to be quick. You can choose to have the injection with or without numbing cream. With the cream, it takes up to half an hour, but without, you’ll be done in five to ten minutes. Talk to your Mallucci London practitioner about your tolerance levels for discomfort, and they will be able to advise on the best approach for you.

After the injection (or injections, if you’re targeting multiple areas), you can expect to see results within two to seven days. Optimal results occur two weeks after you’ve booked in for your treatment, and will last around six months. That’s half a year of zero-stress dressing and a confident summer ahead.

Want to know more about injectables for reducing sweat? Reach out to us on 0203 915 7400 or request a call back via our contact form.

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