How to Tackle ‘Tech Neck’ Lines and Wrinkles

Are you suffering from ‘tech neck’? It might sound like the latest launch from Apple, but the reality is far less covetable. In fact, it’s a pain in the neck – quite literally.

Tech neck is the ache you feel and the wrinkles you see after staring down into your phone, and it affects the millions of us who have stacked up extra screen time during lockdown.

Not only has all that downward glancing created tension that weighs heavy on your achy shoulders, but it may have resulted in stress to the ultra-thin skin on your neck. Constant craning over your smartphone can break down skin-plumping collagen, so you end up with an increase in fine lines and wrinkles, as well as a noticeable uplift in sagging.

But what can be done about tech neck? Dialling down screen time would be step one, and it’s likely to be easier now that the sun is out and restrictions are relaxing in the UK. However, if you’re already noticing wrinkles on your neck that you’d like to smooth away, there are a number of zero-downtime solutions you can try at Mallucci London.

These are the anti-tech neck treatments we recommend…

1. CoolSculpting to freeze neck fat

If you think fat freezing treatments are for thighs and bellies only, think again. The CoolSculpting device features a precise applicator, so small areas like the neck can be targeted too. The perfect way to non-surgically sculpt the neck and eliminate a ‘double chin’, it sees the surface of the skin cooled down, so the fat cells underneath can be frozen and destroyed. Your body permanently flushes this fat away, meaning tech neck is tackled long-term. Book in for a consultation, and we’ll map out a treatment plan that works for you.

2. Radiofrequency to tighten and tone

Think of a radiofrequency treatment as a non-surgical facelift. It contours the skin by triggering the production of essential collagen. For the uninitiated, collagen is considered the ‘building blocks’ of your complexion, as it reinforces the structure of your skin cells to keep the surface plump and sturdy. When this vital protein breaks down, you start to see crepey lines and wrinkles. This is true for your face, your neck, your arms, your knees – the skin on every part of your body. However, by treating the neck and jawline to a NuEra radiofrequency session, you can tighten and tone skin over time, so sagging is dramatically reduced.

3. Profhilo to plump neck wrinkles

Few things hydrate and renew like an injection of hyaluronic acid, which explains why our Profhilo injectable is proving so popular for crepey skin. Flooding your complexion with a cocktail of the famed moisture magnet and elastin-enhancing vitamins, it instantly smooths fine lines, while softening the look of deep wrinkles. But, best of all, this is one versatile pore-plumping treatment, which works as well on the neck and jawline as it does on forehead and nasolabial creases. So, if sagging skin and lines are plaguing your neck, chin and jaw, two Profhilo treatments – with a four-week gap in between – will reverse the effects of excess scrolling. On your neck, at least.

4. At-home treatments to maintain smooth skin

Before and after booking in for your anti-tech neck treatments, we recommend investing in age-proofing skin care, and massaging it down beyond your chin. Try a supercharged wrinkle-smoothing cream, like SkinCeuticals A.G.E Interrupter, which restores moisture in dry, thinning skin to improve firmness and laxity. Apply morning and night, then amp up your bedtime routine with the SkinCeuticals Tripeptide – R Neck Repair or SkinCeuticals Glycolic 10 Renew Overnight. This premium powerhouse of a potion harnesses 10% glycolic acid to soften lines over time. Just make sure you follow it up with SPF50 by day. No amount of reduced screen time will save the skin on your neck from the ageing effects of the sun.

Up next: Discover 5 non-invasive ways to get perfect skin post-lockdown. Plus, discover our complete guide to facial lasers.

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