New Year! New Abs! New Butt!


As the season of indulgence is well and truly behind us, January has been all about getting back on track, detoxing and working on our ‘New Year – New Me’ resolutions! Yes, we know – yawn!

Apart from kick starting 2019 with a healthy diet and regular exercise, our brand-new EMsculpt device at Mallucci London, will help you achieve your goals that much faster. EMsculpt is a device which is the equivalent to 20,000 sit – ups or 20,000 squats, but without the strain and sweating. 7 clinical trials showed that after only 4 treatments, patients experience 19% loss of fat and 16% increase in muscle fibres. Not only that, but women who suffer from diastasis recti post-pregnancy, have benefited from a 10% decrease of the abdominal muscle separation. EMsculpt comes with two applicators, which target the abdomen and buttocks. During the treatment, the abdominal and gluteal muscles contract beyond physical norm, which leads to signals being sent out by overworked muscles, inducing fat cells to break down and release their contents as free fatty acids.

The intensity of the contractions can be modulated based on the patient’s preference and tolerance, however, the treatment is painless and has zero downtime. EMsculpt takes 30 minutes per area, and only 4 sessions are needed over a two-week period. Results can already be seen after the 4th treatment and continue to improve for 6 weeks following your treatment.

Of course, to enhance EMsculpt results, we recommend a healthy diet and an active lifestyle. Did you know that Weight loss is 80% diet? Regular exercise also helps to boost your metabolism and build muscles that will burn calories – even when you’re not working out! Try to avoid the elevators and escalators wherever possible, and instead make a point of taking the stairs. Go by foot to run your errands and ride a bicycle if you can for your daily commute. Hitting the gym or taking part in high intensity classes, gets you burning off those mince pies and gaining back a lean and athletic body in time for summer. Alternate your regimes so you won’t get bored quickly and keep your body alert and responsive. Teaming up with a gym-buddy can also help you incentivise you, release stress and make you sleep better at night.


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I was recommended laser hair removal which I was a little hesitant about initially as I have sensitive skin. However I have seen a significant difference and feel like I don’t have to worry about my hair anymore. Mallucci London genuinely care about the best interests of their clients. I trust them implicitly!

SD – Laser Hair Removal

Jonquille is a delightful lady. Very patient focused and very experienced. My experience of Fillers and Anti Wrinkle Injections at Mallucci London has been nothing short of fantastic.

PM, London – Fillers and Wrinkle Injections

Having had dermal fillers before at other clinics, I can honestly say the team and results at Mallucci London are unsurpassable. I’ll be back!

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I have met with Kully several times. I can honestly say she has nothing but the patients welfare in mind. Her experience with CoolSculpting is fantastic.

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There are so many places doing laser hair removal. It is rare to find one where the practitioner takes such care with every patient. I would wholeheartedly recommend Kully and Mallucci London.

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Mallucci London’s specialists listened to my concern and there wasn’t any form of pressure throughout the whole process. They were was realistic about what can be achieved with hair transplant, and I definitely felt in safe hands. It has been pleasure to meet the team, they definitely stand to their well-deserved incomparable reputation.

A, London – Hair Transplant

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