Your Pre and Post Holiday Beauty Guide

We all love the way our skin looks on holiday, with that elusive ‘golden hour’ glow that seems to follow us everywhere. So, to make sure our most radiant skin sticks around for the long haul, we’ve compiled all the tricks of the trade to share with you in one place. Here’s everything you need to know about holiday beauty, from skincare you can apply on the flight, to post-vacation face and body treatments, all approved by our team of practitioners.

Let’s glow…

Your in-flight beauty must-haves

Hydrating heroes

According to The World Health Organisation, humidity levels in aircraft cabins are usually under 20%, when our skin is used to above 30%. This dry, low humidity environment draws out moisture, which is why our skin often feels dehydrated when traveling. The solution? Hyaluronic acid and glycerin are your thirsty skin’s in-flight BFFs. As natural humectants, they draw moisture into the skin, bringing back that pre-take-off hydrated, plump complexion.

From your seat, press a 10p-sized amount of SkinCeuticals H.A. Intensifier onto the face and neck to flood skin with hydration. Wait a minute to let it absorb before applying Zo Recovery Creme on top. It’s formulated with ceramides (the ‘glue’ that holds our skin cells together) to act as a barrier and seal in moisture. Think of this combination as your ultra-hydrating skin shield.

Brightening glow-tos

When flying, there’s less oxygen in recycled cabin air than back down on Earth, which causes less blood flow to the skin and can lead to dullness. Our tip: create your own sheet mask by using a radiance-boosting serum and a muslin cloth. (Reusable and eco-friendly, just cut little holes for your eyes and mouth before adding it to your carry-on.)

For mid-flight skin brightening, smooth on a thick layer of iS Clinical Super Serum Advanced, powered by vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. Use the same serum to dampen your muslin ‘mask’ and place lightly on top of your face (just like a sheet). Leave for 10 minutes to let the serum sink in, then remove the muslin cloth and massage in any excess product to boost circulation. Glowing skin at 35,000 feet? Tick.

Serious SPF

Sitting on a plane might technically be classed as being ‘inside’, but your proximity to the sun in the sky is much closer than usual. So, despite all the Insta-ready content those plane windows present, they also give harmful UV rays the opportunity to filter through to your skin. Smooth on a layer of SPF while in-flight to protect your skin from sun damage. iS Clinical Extreme Protect SPF 40 is high protection, with heavy-hitting titanium dioxide to block harmful rays. Choose from translucent, beige or bronze shades with no white cast; just a natural faux glow to show off before you’ve even hit the beach.

3 post holiday beauty treatments to try

Fast forward: you’ve just landed back home, and you’re basking in that post-holiday feeling. Here’s how to extend that rested holiday beauty look (at least until your next departure).

1. Lymphatic drainage

Cabin pressure and low humidity cause water retention, often resulting in puffy under-eyes and swollen hands and feet. At the Mallucci London clinic in South Kensington, we offer a manual lymphatic drainage treatment to stimulate the flow of lymph fluid, flushing out excess water and any built-up toxins in the body. It’s the antidote to post-flight puffiness, bloating and heavy legs that will leave you feeling lighter, rejuvenated and glowing with health.

Looking for an alternative? Try the trending Body Ballancer, a lower-half compression body suit that massages the body with air chambers to stimulate lymphatic drainage. Simply slip into the suit, lie back and enjoy the gentle, firming massage strokes. While you have a moment of calm, it increases circulation around the hips, thighs and glutes, draining excess fluid and reducing the appearance of cellulite.

2. HydraFacial

There’s a reason the HydraFacial is loved by celebrities, influencers and beauty editors alike. With a combination of lymphatic drainage, deep exfoliation, blemish extraction, hydration and collagen-stimulating LED light, just one treatment gives skin a post-facial glow that lasts.

After a holiday, our skin often needs some TLC. This deep cleansing facial will remove built-up SPF, clear out blocked pores, and restore hydration levels after swimming in salty, moisture-stripping seawater. Plus, your Mallucci London practitioner will expertly tailor the treatment with a bespoke blend of skin-loving ingredients to suit your needs. The perfect post-holiday refresh.

3. AquaGold Microneedling

24-carat gold-plated needles make this treatment the glow-to of luxury skincare lovers. AquaGold Microneedling uses super-fine needles to painlessly infuse skin with baby botox, plumping hyaluronic acid, and a blend of vitamins. Unlike other injectable treatments that cover one to two areas, AquaGold covers the whole face, enhancing post-holiday radiance for an all-over glow.

Looking for more summer beauty advice? Learn all about SPF, and why it’s the secret to youthful-looking skin.

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