Transitional Skincare: Your Post-Summer Skin Reset


It’s right about now that you start to feel it, your skin changes texture as the temperatures dip. The summer to autumn transition leaves your complexion duller, drier, and in need of a new routine. So how do you map out a transitional skincare ritual that works for your temperamental complexion? Here’s why, no matter your skin type, the cooler season calls for a post-summer skin reset. Maintain that holiday glow…

What happens to your skin in autumn?

With autumn/winter on its way, skin is set to go through a sudden shift in pH balance. This is caused not only by the colder, windier weather outside, which leads to dryness, but also the central heating inside, which causes pores to pump out extra oil. These two extremes – cold and warm – can affect moisture levels in your complexion. As a result, you might see excess shine, dryness, dullness, breakouts or fine, crepey lines suddenly appear. The good news is, there are ways you can rebalance a post-summer complexion – and keep that holiday glow going for longer.

What are the best skin treatments for a post-summer reset?

1. The VISIA Skin Analysis

At Mallucci, we’re results-driven, which is why we use cutting-edge technology to measure everything from pigmentation to skin texture to wrinkles. The VISIA Skin Analysis, found in our clinics, is like an X-ray for your complexion, and allows us to develop a personalised post-holiday treatment plan just for you. This analysis takes place during your free consultation, included as part of any Mallucci skin treatment. When you return, we’ll then scan your complexion again to track your progress. Seeing your results is so satisfying.

2. Express HydraFacial

Our deep cleansing Express HydraFacial is perfect for post-holiday skin, removing built-up SPF, unclogging pores, and replenishing moisture lost from salty seawater. Your Mallucci expert will customise your treatment with a personalised blend of ingredients to address your unique needs. So, we’re not just sweeping away those end-of-summer dead skin cells, but pumping pores with a bespoke cocktail of vitamins and actives too. You’ll be in and out of the clinic in under one hour (including consultation), with glowy, dewy, refreshed skin that feels like it’s been on a detox.

3. LaseMD skin retexturising

If, at the end of summer, your skin is showing signs of hyperpigmentation, rosacea or dullness, LaseMD is the ultimate retexturising treatment for a quick reset. Its instant results are revolutionary, making it one of 2023’s most talked about laser treatments. And, best of all, it only takes 20 minutes to revive and renew your entire face. You’ll feel a gentle pins and needles sensation as the laser passes over your skin, then you’ll be leaving the clinic with next-level luminosity and boosted clarity. Plus, even sensitive complexions can book in – something you won’t find with all lasers.

4. Sofwave™ tightening treatment

Collagen is the essential protein that keeps your skin plump and firm, but over time it depletes – a process that’s accelerated by UV exposure. So, if you’re noticing more wrinkles or an increase in skin laxity post-summer, it might be time to book in for a collagen-triggering, skin-tightening treatment like Sofwave™. Harnessing Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beam SUPERB™ technology, the non-invasive laser is clinically proven to rebuild collagen, and offers ultra-precise results. You can even treat smaller areas, like the under-eyes. Only one treatment is needed for visible firming results, allowing you to head into autumn with a plump complexion that – honestly – looks even better than your summer glow.

5. Profhilo pore plumping

Hyaluronic acid injectables, like Profhilo, are perfect for precise plumping, allowing you to target specific areas of the face and body. Known as ‘the injectable moisturiser’, this fast-acting treatment floods parched, post-summer skin with much-needed hydration, so your face appears lit-from-with and line-free. You’ll see results from one session, so if you’ve got any problem areas you want to treat – or you simply crave a moisture boost – this is the natural-looking injectable for you.

6. PhilArt Eye brightening

All that squinting in the sun can encourage a fresh crop of fine lines, so you may notice crow’s feet appear more prominent at the end of summer. To soften those fine lines and wrinkles, turn to PhilArt Eye, an injectable treatment that smooths away creases, as well as eradicating upper and low eye bags. How, exactly? By stimulating fibroblasts to encourage a boost of collagen, which fills out your skin from within for a tighter, firmer, smoother appearance. There’s no filler in this treatment; it’s all about supporting your skin’s natural processes, so eyes appear naturally brighter and better rested after one session.

How do I transition my skincare routine for autumn/winter?

1. Cleanse and polish your pores

If your pores are feeling parched, you might be wary of cleansing your skin ‘too much’. However, because dry skin is more susceptible to bacteria, double cleansing is still key to your transitional skincare routine. Use two: a creamy one to remove makeup and surface grime, and a gentle scrub to slough away dead skin cells. SkinCeuticals Gentle Cleanser is perfect for the first sweep, delicately melting impurities to reveal soft, supple skin. ZO Exfoliating Cleanser then targets dead cells, flakiness, and excess oil to leave your skin feeling dry but never stripped.

2. Turn to gentle skin peels

Gentle peels, like the ZO Enzymatic Peel, help to dissolve the dead cells summer leaves behind, allowing you to reveal the fresh, glowy skin underneath. Don’t be put off by the word ‘peel’; unlike abrasive scrubs, this one delicately sloughs dullness away. The result? True radiance, and unclogged pores that can better absorb your serums and moisturisers. So, instead of that barrier-boosting cream sitting on the surface of your skin, it’s able to sink right in for deep-down hydration.

3. Look for pH-balancing products

pH balance has more of an effect on your skin than you might think. The acid mantle is key to your skin’s protective barrier, as it prevents the growth of bacteria, neutralises alkaline-based aggressors, and maintains the optimal environment for your complexion to thrive. It’s important to support this barrier with pH-balancing products, and a toner is an easy way of doing so. Simply sweep it on after cleansing and apply your signature serums and creams on top. ZO Calming pH Balancer is our pick for a medical-grade toner that removes any impurities while soothing sensitised pores.

4. Hydrate with hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid (HA) has a place in every skincare routine, whether you’re dealing with oiliness, dryness, sensitivity, acne, or wrinkles. The clever molecule can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water, yet in the SkinCeuticals HA Intensifier, it maintains a light, liquid texture that sinks invisibly into skin. Because HA is naturally occurring, all complexions benefit from a top-up, which helps to reinforce the skin barrier and lend a plumping effect. Press it into cleansed and toned skin, focusing on areas that feel tight and dry or thin and delicate.

5. Boost your skin barrier with creams

Give your skin barrier an extra boost with creams that deeply repair and replenish. While light lotions and moisturising gels are perfect for the summer months, humectants and lipids are your go-to for sealing in hydration when biting winds rush in. These transitional skincare essentials have you covered:

For day: ZO Eye Brightening Creme + ZO Hydrating Creme + ZO Daily Sheer SPF50
For night: ZO Renewal Creme + iS Clinical Youth Eye Complex

6. Keep topping up your SPF

Summer might be over, but that’s no reason to skimp on SPF. Even as mercury drops, it’s important to apply and reapply a high protection sunscreen each day. Complete your morning routine with ZO Daily Sheer SPF50; a wonderfully weightless, broad-spectrum sunscreen that seals in the rest of your daily routine.

Up next: Now you’ve perfected your transitional skincare routine, it’s time to give your body a detox too. Discover the 6 lymphatic drainage massage benefits you need to know.

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