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Cosmetic dermatologists and surgeons are able to perform cyst removal for sebaceous cysts using various methods. The most common and effective removal of a cyst is through surgery. However, some patients opt for less invasive methods such as drainage.

Cyst removal can be completed with a short, outpatient procedure. When a cyst is removed through surgical techniques, it will typically be gone for good. Choosing a skilled and experienced dermatologist or surgeon is essential for optimal results.

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30 minutes


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Little to none




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If you are in good health and have a cyst that you are unhappy with or one that is particularly large, you could be a good candidate for surgical removal. Cysts typically lay close to the surface of the skin and can be easily noticed even at a distance

Most sebaceous cysts are located on the neck, face, scalp, or torso. Surgical removal is possible for these areas, as well as rogue cysts, found elsewhere on the body.

Cyst removal is usually quite quick lasting as little as 30-minutes. However, more difficult surgeries such as underneath the hairline can affect the length of the procedure. This will be discussed in your consultation and it’s recommended you plan an afternoon for your cyst removal.

Instant, noticeable results are possible for cyst removal. The skin will appear flatter as the fluid-like material is removed. Full results can be seen once the post-surgical redness and inflammation disappear.

The size, position, and method of removal can all be determining factors about recovery time. In most cases, little to no downtime is needed for cyst removal but your aftercare advice should be strictly adhered to.

If a cyst is completely removed by surgical means, it’s unlikely that the cyst will return. Drainage methods are slightly less effective but in the majority of cases, only one treatment is necessary.

Prices from £750

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