The Perfect Breast

Mr Mallucci has revolutionised breast surgery how we know it today.

600 women and 600 men of all different backgrounds, social class and ethnicity were asked to examine a selection of images of women’s breasts and tell us which they found the most attractive creating the perfect breast.

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Mr Patrick Mallucci | London Plastic Surgery | Perfect Breast

This has never been studied and defined before, and the results of this 3-month study concluded that overall both men and women find the more natural looking breast to be the most attractive. In particular, the study showed that the nipple would be of a 45:55 ratio on the breast. To establish the Meridian, a line would be drawn downwards and lay at a point where, on average, the proportion of the breast above it represented 45 percent of the overall volume of the breast and below it 55 percent. The Upper Pole was either straight or concave, and the nipple was pointing at an average angle of 20 degrees. In all cases, the breasts demonstrated a tight convex lower pole – a neat but voluminous curve.

Mr Mallucci sees many patients each week who are looking for the perfect breast surgery, he has found that part of the problem is women find it hard to communicate what exactly they would like, which is why this study has given Mr Mallucci an indication for his patients to give them what they are looking for without the need for revision. Mr Mallucci also adopts this guide for women who have had previous surgery, who are unsatisfied or have had breast augmentation with a poor outcome and who are now looking for corrective surgery.

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“In theory it could lead to a reduction in the number of poor breast augmentations”,

says Mr Mallucci. This level of detailed research coupled with his teaching and speaking on the international stage make Mr Mallucci a worldwide leader in delivering outstanding aesthetic results. This study has contributed to his success.

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