How to Get the Most Natural-Looking Lip Fillers

“Can you make sure my lips still look natural?” It’s one of the top requests we hear from our lip filler patients, as the demand for tweakments (the most subtle of treatments) continues to rise. And it’s easy to see why; delicate lip plumping can balance out not just your lip shape, but your entire face, helping you reveal a more youthful look with the gentlest touch of filler.

But it’s important to remember that natural-looking lip fillers are an art form, and not all doctors are equipped to achieve believable volume. That’s why it’s important to visit a reputable clinic to get the results you want. Here’s how our Board Certified Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Dr Jana Vogt, gives you the most bespoke lip care at Mallucci – plus everything you need to know before you book in for your treatment…

What should natural-looking lip fillers look like?

The first step to achieving natural-looking lip fillers is knowing what looks real and what doesn’t. Dr Vogt explains that the goal is for “the upper lip to account for one third and the lower lip to account for two thirds of the lip area.”

She adds: “The lips shouldn’t be overfilled so that the filler migrates beyond the lip border. They should simply have a nice softness to them, and while lines will be reduced, they should still be visible in the skin.” Movement is important too. The filler needs to move seamlessly when you smile and talk, so a plush filler formula is essential.

What is the most natural-looking lip filler?

Natural-looking lip filler comes down to three things: the technique, the type of product and the amount that’s used. Your doctor should tailor the technique and amount of filler to your unique lip shape and needs. For example, they might switch between a needle or a blunt cannula depending on the height and projection you want, and if lips already have some fullness, smaller amounts of filler may be used.

But when it comes to product, there’s one hero filler we use every time for a natural look. “We use Juvéderm Volbella which is a very soft formula, so it moves nicely with your lips when you speak or smile,” explains Dr Vogt. “That’s the most important thing with lip fillers; they have to hydrate and plump your lips without making them look stiff or full.”

One of Volbella’s key features is that it volumises with hyaluronic acid, which is a hydrating molecule that already naturally exists within your skin. You’re born with a high level of hyaluronic acid that depletes as you get older, and when it does, your skin – including your lips – can start to lose their plumpness. But in Volbella, you get a reboost of biocompatible hyaluronic acid, which integrates into your lip tissue seamlessly for the softest, subtlest result.

How quickly will I see final results?

“With Volbella, the results are immediately visible,” says Dr Vogt, “although sometimes there can be a little bruising or swelling, which may take one to two weeks to fully go down.” And in order to create the most natural-looking lip fillers, “we go quite conservatively at Mallucci,” she adds. “Touch-up sessions are sometimes required when you have lip fillers for the first time, because we’d rather someone come back for a little bit more than do too much in the first session.”

How long do results last?

With Volbella, the results of your very first natural-looking lip fillers will last at least six to nine months, although you may even see the effects for up to 12 months. Meanwhile, “if you’ve had fillers before and this is your second or third time treating, then sometimes fillers can last even more than a year,” explains Dr Vogt. That’s why it’s important not to book your top-up sessions too close together – so the filler doesn’t build up and start to look unnatural.

What are the other benefits of lip filler?

Lip filler isn’t just designed to make your lips look fuller. The hyaluronic acid in Juvéderm Volbella is also hydrating, and proves extra essential in winter, when dryness is at an all-time high. So, if you have persistently parched lips, the deep-down infusion of hyaluronic acid will help, delivering a shot of long-term moisture for suppler skin.

Lip fillers are also ideal for softening deep wrinkles on the lips, as well as perioral lines around the mouth. Targeting lip filler here will have an instantly noticeable anti-ageing effect. The benefits even extend to a more defined lip line – something we lose as the natural volume of lips decreases. So, if you’re a lipstick wearer, redefining the shape with a touch of filler will transform your makeup routine for the better.

How do I prepare for natural-looking lip filler?

Our experts at Mallucci have your natural-looking lip fillers in hand, so whether it’s delicate plumping or a more defined cupid’s bow you’re hoping for, they’ll help you achieve it. However, there are ways you can aid your post-procedure recovery with quick and easy prep. For example, avoiding certain foods and lifestyle habits will help to reduce bruising and swelling.

So, what should you steer clear of? Before you head to the clinic, try not to take blood-thinning medications like ibuprofen or aspirin. If you were hoping to use them to reduce pain, you won’t need them; your doctor will offer a numbing cream, which is applied 15-20 minutes before your procedure. Juvéderm Volbella also harnesses lidocaine, which is a mild anaesthetic that ensures the most comfortable filler experience. Plus, if needed, your doctor will also provide an ice pack for around 20 minutes after your procedure.

In the week leading up to your appointment, you should also try to minimise smoking and alcohol consumption. Simply taking these steps will allow you to enjoy the final results of your lip fillers sooner.

Want to learn more about natural-looking lip fillers at Mallucci? To speak to your team or book a consultation, fill out this form or call us on 0203 915 7400.

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