7 Beauty Resolutions to Make for 2024

We all have bad beauty habits. Perhaps you skip sunscreen and serum in a bid to save time, or maybe – just maybe – you’re prone to sleeping with your makeup on after a hectic work day. Whatever your skincare faux pas may be, a new year presents the perfect time to tighten up your rituals. And we’re here to help you make 2024 the best year for your beauty routine yet.

Below, we reveal the seven habits that will set you up for a glowy new year, from regular toxin-blitzing massages to a trick that takes muscle toning to the next level.

1. Resurface and retexturise Skin

Start 2024 with a clean slate and clean skin. Nothing hits the ‘reset’ button on a dull, fatigued complexion like a resurfacing laser, and LaseMD is our pick for the fastest results. This Korean import delivers a quick, gentle youth-enhancing glow in one session (taking just 6-15 minutes!), and because it focuses on the superficial layers of skin, there’s little to no downtime required.

So, how does it work? Suitable for even sensitive complexions, Lutronic LaseMD harnesses sub-ablative, fractional technology which targets the skin tissue. There, it encourages the production of collagen and elastin. These vital proteins are key to smoother, tighter, more luminous skin, and by upping your supplies, LaseMD elevates radiance and brightness. Even stubborn dark spots will fade.

It’s the perfect treatment to kickstart the year; a January detox like no other, leaving post-party season skin in the past so you can start 2024 on a bright note.

2. Book in for regular facials

There’s a reason the A-list look positively radiant whenever they hit the red carpet, and it’s not just makeup or that daily green juice. They understand the power of regular facials. One is a treat, but a set is the secret to year-round luminosity, which is why we’re offering the celebrity-loved Hydrafacial in packs of six or 12.

By booking in monthly, you’ll harness the Hydrafacial’s supercharged glow-boosting abilities, owed to an oscillating device that sucks out impurities, then plies your pores with a cocktail of vitamins. It’s a satisfying moment when you see how much dirt the device has removed from your skin. But it’s even better when, month on month, the level of debris gets lower as that glow dials up.

Plus, you’ll notice that your at-home skincare works harder in tandem with your facial, so you’ll reap greater rewards from the serums and moisturisers you apply to your flawlessly-buffed skin.

3. Release those toxins

Your built-in lymph system plays a vital role in ‘cleansing’ your body, ridding it of unwanted toxins that can cause bloating, breakouts and a compromised immune system. But sometimes, this clever system needs a little extra help in the toxin-fighting department, which is where an effective lymphatic drainage massage steps in.

By stimulating the surface of skin with just the right level of pressure, you can give your lymph system the jolt it needs to clear out toxins. Not only is this great for getting rid of uncomfortable bloating – ideal before a big event – but it can also help flush stagnant fat cells to alleviate cellulite.

Our practitioners are skilled in supporting your lymph system with the Body Ballancer®; a full-body suit that ekes out toxins to leave you feeling lighter and brighter. Amongst many other benefits, it’s used for reducing swelling, improving skin tone, aiding digestion, enhancing sleep and supporting muscle recovery. Alternate sessions with a manual lymphatic drainage massage to boost its effects, giving your detoxing journey a more bespoke edge to target more stubborn water retention. There’s no better way to start the new year than toxin-free.

4. Bid farewell to skin bugbears

Make this the year you say ‘goodbye’ to acne scars, discolouration or dullness. Basically, any skin bugbear that you’re keen to ditch but don’t know where to start. The DermaPen delivers ‘before and after’ results that have had customers rushing to book in. It’s a microneedling treatment that sees a pen-like device glide over pores to create micro-punctures. These tiny punctures set off a healing response deep within your skin, so that collagen rushes to the area and plumps formerly flagging skin. The benefits are seemingly endless. Think a brighter, dewier glow, a reduction in scars and pigmentation, softened fine lines and wrinkles, and smaller, more refined pores.

Through 2023, we’ve also been in awe of the results seen from the Morpheus8 treatment, and we’re looking forward to introducing more of you to its benefits in 2024.

It’s something of a suits-everyone service, as it can be tailored to all skin types, whether you’re prone to breakouts, dealing with dehydration or targeting wrinkles and pigmentation. But what does Morpheus8 do exactly? It combines radiofrequency and fractional microneedling to tighten, lift and smooth your complexion at the deepest level.

Using 24 microneedles, the device penetrates the epidermis to trigger the ‘rebuilding’ of your skin’s structural proteins, which results in a tauter complexion. This rebuilding sees your skin bounce back better with fewer fine lines and a radiance boost to boot.

5. Reduce wrinkles with Sofwave

It’s true that party season can leave skin looking a little lacklustre. All those late nights, glasses of champagne, and the unavoidable holiday stress can lead to a fresh sprinkling of fine lines and wrinkles. But skin laxity doesn’t just show up on your face; the neck, décolletage, abdomen, arms and knees can be prone to sagging too. If this is something you want to reverse in 2024, Sofwave is the treatment you’re looking for.

The anti-wrinkle treatment uses Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beam SUPERB™ technology, which lifts, rejuvenates and tightens your skin for visible plumping – wherever you want it. Smaller parts of the body, like the knees or the neck, are often overlooked by aesthetic clinics, but now you have a quick, effective solution to renew your skin from head to toe. One session is all that’s needed to see visible results, followed by 1-2 maintenance appointments per year to reverse (all) wrinkles through 2024.

6. Plump pores with Profhilo

The trend for tweakments is set to continue in 2024, and injectable hyaluronic acid is your go-to for the most natural-looking enhancement. So, if you’re ready to try it, consider Profhilo – also known as the ‘injectable moisturiser’. It plumps and hydrates pores from within, giving skin and unrivalled glow while smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. Unlike more traditional fillers, it doesn’t alter your face shape. Instead, it enhances what you’ve got to encourage plenty of “you look well… have you been away?” compliments.

For the best results, book two treatments around four to six weeks apart. You can then visit us for maintenance every four to six months to keep skin lifted and luminous all year.

7. Glow from the inside out

One of the biggest wellness trends coming your way in 2024 is inside out skincare. To achieve the longest-lasting glow, it’s important that you nourish your body with the right supplements. Your ideal blend of vitamins is entirely unique to you and your lifestyle. So make this the year you invest in your health, and seek out the advice of a nutritionist. Not only will this complement the work we do at Mallucci to give you your best results yet, but it will also make you feel as good as you look – fresh, energised, and radiant from within.

Up next: Discover three body treatments that were made for a winter pick-me-up.

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