What *Really* Happens When You Book in for LaseMD

Have you heard about LaseMD yet? The Korean laser treatment is fast gaining traction in the aesthetics world, thanks to its instant results, its delicate touch, and the unrivalled glow it bestows upon skin. It’s a laser like no other, suitable for all skin tones and types, and taking just 15 minutes to transform even the dullest complexions.

With that in mind, it’s hardly a wonder that LaseMD has become the most buzzed-about laser at Mallucci. But, what actually happens during your treatment? We asked one of our patients, Anastasia, to share her LaseMD experience, so you’ll know exactly what to expect when you book in for a session.

Here’s what she said…

What was the first thing that appealed to you about LaseMD?

“When I first came across the LaseMD Baby Face treatment, I was looking for a way to fix my dull skin. My usual skincare routine wasn’t enough; I needed something that worked harder and deeper to remove what felt like a ‘film’ on my skin. I get this a lot, living and working in London – the feeling that pollution is clogging up my pores. So I wanted to find a way to get my glow back.

“I’d seen some really impressive ‘before and after’ pictures for LaseMD, and I’d heard that the results were instant, so I wanted to see what it could do for my dull skin. The instant results were really the biggest driver for me. So many brightening treatments I’ve looked into require long courses of treatments. Being able to get a glow after one session is fantastic.”

As well as dullness, were there any other skin concerns you wanted to treat?

“Yes. I’ve had rosacea flare-ups in the past, so I had some redness on my cheeks that I wanted to treat, and some old acne scarring that I hoped to get rid of. I was just about to go on holiday before my first treatment, so I was also aiming to get my skin in the best condition for a makeup-free break.”

So, what happened during your first LaseMD consultation?

“The consultation actually took place at the start of my first treatment session. I saw Kully Doug at Mallucci (the Senior Aesthetic Practitioner) who carried out a VISIA Skin Analysis, which is like an x-ray for your skin. Kully told me that, indeed, she could see that there were dead skin cells that needed to be removed, and explained how LaseMD would help to rejuvenate my skin. She also said it would help to reduce the broken capillaries on my cheeks, which was really reassuring. Kully then explained that I’d need two treatments for best results: one to achieve the look I wanted, and another for maintenance.”

And then, when your treatment started, what happened?

“First, Kully applied numbing cream to my whole face, which took around 15 minutes to take effect. Then, she explained exactly what setting she’d be using on the LaseMD device. Because my goal was to brighten and soothe rosacea, the setting was focused on targeting redness, but it can be turned up for a more intensive anti-ageing treatment if needed.

“I was then told to lie back and the device was switched on. Kully treated my whole face, section by section. Thankfully, it wasn’t painful; you get a pins and needles sensation that I actually found quite pleasant. She went back over a few areas, like around the nose where I have more texture, and over the cheeks. After around 15-20 minutes, the session was done.”

How did your skin look and feel immediately after treatment?

“Instantly, my skin felt tighter – in a good way. It was firm and bouncy, and you could see that it was brighter and fresher. I had a little redness, but that went away quickly. I just couldn’t believe how glowy my skin was already.”

Was there any aftercare required?

“As part of your LaseMD treatment, you’re given a serum to use at home. There are different serums available, but mine was focused around nourishing the skin. Kully also told me to steer clear of any harsh exfoliants, acids and actives for a few days, and to make sure I wear SPF 50 each day (which is something I do anyway).”

Did the results change over time?

“They got better. The day after the treatment, my skin looked so plump and dewy, and a stubborn dehydration line I usually have on my forehead had all but vanished. Months later, it’s still not returned! I had my maintenance session six weeks after my first treatment, and my skin still looked as fresh as it did on day one. That second session helped to just calm any remaining capillaries on my cheeks.”

And how does your skin look now?

“It’s been six months and I’m still seeing the effects of LaseMD. I wear less makeup and my skin just glows. Any fine lines I had due to dryness have disappeared, and my face looks fresher. I’m so impressed.”

Will you book in for further treatments?

“Yes. I plan to book in for seasonal treatments, so now that it’s been six months, I’m going to do a post-summer treatment. Then I’ll do another next spring to get rid of that winter dullness.”

If you were speaking to a LaseMD first-timer, what would you tell them?

“I would tell them not to be afraid of lasers or worry that they’re not a suitable candidate. People might think that, if they don’t have big skin concerns, they won’t benefit from it. But, trust me: the glow you get after is like nothing I’ve seen before.”

Are you interested in learning more about LaseMD or trying the treatment for yourself? Arrange a consultation by calling us at 0203 915 7400 or by clicking here to fill out our online request form.

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